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The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal is an independent dispute resolution body which offers a free, 'user-friendly' alternative to the court system. The Tribunal is completely impartial—we make decisions on the individual facts and merits of each complaint. We do not act for or represent any side to a complaint.

The Tribunal deals with complaints relating to decisions and conduct of trustees, insurers, and other decision-makers in relation to regulated superannuation funds, approved deposit funds, annuities, life policy funds and retirement savings accounts. The Tribunal does not, however, have an unlimited jurisdiction to deal with all superannuation-related matters. To find out what matters the Tribunal can and can't deal with, find out more.

A complaint can be made to the Tribunal that a decision or conduct was unfair or unreasonable in its practical outcome or consequence. The Tribunal's powers are limited to providing a remedy in relation to the demonstrated adverse impact of a decision or conduct. To find out what remedies the Tribunal can and can't provide, find out more.

Latest News

New Australian Financial Complaints Authority »

Last night, Treasurer Scott Morrison announced the creation of a new dispute resolution scheme, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

The government simultaneously released the Final Report of the Review of the financial system external dispute resolution and complaints framework, which includes recommendations for the creation of the AFCA.

Review of the Dispute Resolution and Complaints Framework – Interim Report Response »

The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT) has submitted a response to the federal government's Review of the financial system external dispute resolution and complaints framework – Interim Report.

"The SCT has, for some time, been advocating for changes to the external dispute resolution (EDR) of superannuation complaints to ensure the best outcome for consumers, particularly that current consumer protection is maintained and efficiencies are realised," said Chairperson Helen Davis.

First Steps

  1. Before contacting the Tribunal you must first complain to your superannuation provider. See sample complaint letter »
    If you are not satisfied with the response, or after 90 days you have had no response, you may make a complaint to the Tribunal.
  2. Before you make a complaint to the Tribunal, check to ensure your complaint is within the Tribunal's jurisdiction and that the Tribunal has power to provide a remedy.
  3. Your complaint to the Tribunal must be in writing. Download complaint form »
  4. Please contact the Tribunal on 1300 884 114 if you need assistance in lodging your complaint.