The Tribunal is an independent dispute resolution body that aims to resolve a diverse range of superannuation-related complaints and offers a free, 'user-friendly' alternative to the court system.

Your feedback is important in helping us improve the way we do things. Below you will find information about how you can provide feedback on the Tribunal which includes feedback about its website.

How to provide feedback about our service

To lodge feedback about our website or feedback about the Tribunal and our service please complete the  feedback form.

What happens after I send my feedback to the Tribunal?

The Tribunal takes all feedback about our service very seriously. If you supply your contact details and ask us to, we will respond to you.

Your feedback and suggestions help us review and improve our services. We will not respond unless you ask us to do so.

The Tribunal's policy on feedback

For more detail, please review our  Feedback Policy. (PDF Document)

Can I complain about a Tribunal decision?

If you are not satisfied after we have investigated your complaint you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman has an office in every State and Territory. Complaints can be made in writing, by telephone or by using the Ombudsman's online complaint form.

The Ombudsman's office can be contacted by telephone on 1300 362 072 . Further information about the Ombudsman can be found at

Appeals from Tribunal determinations

Any parties to the complaint have the right to appeal the Tribunal's determination to the Federal Court. Such appeals are limited to questions of law.

Appeals to the Federal Court do not stop the Tribunal's determination from being implemented unless the Court makes an order stopping the operation of the Tribunal's determination.

Should you choose to appeal the Tribunal's determination, then you must lodge your appeal with the Federal Court within 28 days after receiving written advice from the Tribunal of its determination or such longer period as the courts allows.

If another party lodges an appeal, you should receive a notification if you have been named as a 'Respondent'. The Tribunal will generally not appear at the Court and is unable to provide advice to you.

You should be aware that if you choose to defend an appeal, the Federal Court generally has the power to award costs against you. The only exception is that if the person who made the complaint to the Tribunal does not defend an appeal the Federal Court cannot order costs against that person.

Appeals from other Tribunal decisions

The Tribunal Secretariat is responsible for a range of decisions in relation to your complaint. These include treating your complaint as withdrawn or deciding that your complaint has not been made within the time limits that apply to death or disability complaints or is otherwise outside the Tribunal's jurisdiction.

If you are dissatisfied with a decision of the Secretariat you have the right to apply to the Federal Court for judicial review of that decision. Generally, an application for review must be made within 28 days after receiving the Tribunal's decision or such longer period as the Federal Court allows.