All Other Complaints

Some examples of complaints that fall within this category include:

  • complaints about errors in annual statements
  • complaints about a miscalculation of a benefit
  • complaints about a delay in rolling over a benefit; a cash payment; processing an instruction to switch investments
  • complaints about the deduction of insurance premiums from an account

The information you provide when completing the Registration of Complaint form will help us resolve your complaint. You may wish to read 'What remedies can the Tribunal provide?' brochure which provides information about the remedies the Tribunal can and cannot provide in resolving complaints. Listed below are examples of additional information you can provide if relevant to the circumstances of your complaint:

  • a copy of the superannuation provider's letter or other documentation (e.g. Member Statement) notifying you of its decision
  • a copy of your letter of complaint to the superannuation provider about this decision
  • a copy of the superannuation provider's letter responding to your complaint
  • if your complaint is about something that the superannuation provider may or may not have disclosed to you please explain what this disclosure was and how the information was disclosed to you; how you have relied on the information and what loss have you suffered; what would you have done differently had you known the correct information
  • if you are claiming you have suffered a financial loss as a result of the superannuation provider's decision, and if you can, provide details of how you calculated the financial loss and/or include documents or references to documents that help us understand how you calculated your loss

If you wish to lodge a complaint, click on the link to the Registration of Complaint form below. The Registration of Complaint form allows you to type text. The form can then be printed and sent to the Tribunal. If you need to provide an additional written statement, and you have access to a computer, typing your documents will make it easier for the Tribunal to read and improve the progression and resolution of your complaint.

The form includes a Personal Information Collection Notice under the Privacy Act 1988 in relation to how we collect, use and disclose personal information.


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