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News & Publications


Bulletins are issued by the Tribunal each quarter to highlight key issues and recent determinations that may be of particular interest. The bulletins also contain the quarterly statistics.

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Annual reports

The Tribunal's annual reports provide statistical information in relation to complaints received and any determinations made during the financial year. The reports also detail any key events or milestones during the year.


From time to time, the Tribunal has important news that cannot wait until the publication of the quarterly bulletin. This news will be published here.

Senate Continuing Order No. 12

The Tribunal is required by law to place an indexed list of the titles of all relevant files, including new parts of existing files, created in the preceding six months. Senate Continuing Order No. 12 lists our most recent files.

Viewing bulletins and annual reports

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Freedom of Information

An information publication scheme for Australian Government agencies has been established under Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982. Under the scheme SCT must publish certain information on our website. More about the scheme.