Advisory Council

Superannuation Complaints Tribunal Advisory Council
The Superannuation (Resolution of Complaints) Act 1993 (Complaints Act) gives effect to the government's intention to provide members and beneficiaries of Australian regulated superannuation funds with a free mechanism for resolving disputes in relation to their superannuation.
The Chairperson is the executive officer of the Tribunal, responsible for the operation and administration of the Tribunal and is to monitor the operations of the Tribunal to ensure that those operations are as fair, just, economical, informal and quick as practicable (s 7A).
The Advisory Council was established to maintain and strengthen the Tribunal’s governance by providing a forum for the Tribunal’s stakeholders to provide feedback and advice in relation to high level strategic issues.
The establishment of the Advisory Council recognises the importance of ensuring the Tribunal has the benefit of input from its stakeholders in effectively carrying out its role in an environment of a mature superannuation system and of significant superannuation reform.

The current members of the Advisory Council are:

–    Colin Neave AM, Chairperson

–    John Berrill, representing consumers

–    Chris Davies, representing corporate super

–    Leeanne Turner, representing industry super

–    Michael Dwyer AM, representing public sector super

–    Linda Elkins, representing retail super

–    Brett Clark, representing insurers

–    Pam McAlister, representing service providers