Our vision, mission and values


A community better informed about superannuation.


Working with the Australian community to ensure accessible, timely and fair resolution of superannuation complaints.



  • We value people – their diversity, knowledge, skill and experience
  • We demonstrate trust and empathy in our relationships with others


  • We act with impartiality and objectivity, while recognising individual needs and the parameters of legislation
  • We demonstrate integrity, ethical behaviour and confidentiality at all times


  • We are transparent, responsive and timely in our work
  • We focus on the delivery of quality outcomes


  • We are open, accessible and honest in our communications
  • We actively listen and seek information to gain a complete understanding


  • We support personal and professional development
  • We implement best practices and strive for continuous improvement
  • We demonstrate competency and efficiency through our work
What you can expect from us

We will:

  • handle your complaint professionally, efficiently and fairly
  • act with impartiality
  • keep you informed of our progress
  • give you reasons for our decisions
  • treat you with respect
  • provide our services free of charge
What we expect from you

You can help us by:

  • making your complaint to your superannuation provider before contacting us and giving them enough time to respond
  • making your complaint to the Tribunal in writing
  • providing us with a clear idea of your complaint and the resolution you want
  • giving us all the relevant information you have (or know about) at the beginning, such as the correspondence between you and your fund
  • telling us of new facts
  • letting us know when you no longer want our help
  • cooperating with us
  • treating us with respect