Disability benefit complaints

A disability benefit complaint can be about total and permanent disability (TPD), total and temporary disability (TTD), salary continuance (SC), income protection (IP) and/or terminal illness (TI). You may wish to read our Total and permanent disability benefits brochure which provides general information about some of the issues that the Tribunal takes into account when reviewing complaints about TPD claims.

Examples of disability benefit complaints that fall within this category include:

  • complaints about the refusal to approve a claim for a disability benefit
  • complaints about the amount of the benefit payable, including whether an insured component of the benefit is payable

The information you provide when completing the Registration of complaint form will help us resolve your complaint. Below is a list of additional information you can provide if relevant to the circumstances of your complaint:

  • a copy of the superannuation provider's letter notifying you of its decision to reject/deny your disability claim
  • a copy of your letter of complaint to the superannuation provider about this decision
  • a copy of the superannuation provider's letter of response to your complaint
  • if your complaint is about the amount of benefit payable' for example, whether an insured component of the benefit is payable or that a higher level of insured benefit is payable, an explanation as to why you believe you are entitled to the insured component of the benefit and/or a higher level of benefit and what have you based this belief on

Time limits apply for disability benefit complaints

What other information can the Tribunal request from you during the complaints resolution process?

You may be asked to provide further information or evidence such as:

If you wish to lodge a disability benefit complaint, please complete and return our Registration of complaint form. You can complete and submit the form online, or print and return it. Typed documents are preferred for ease of comprehension.

The form includes a Personal information collection notice under the Privacy Act 1988 in relation to how we collect, use and disclose personal information.

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